Sunday, September 26, 2010

Huge Sasquatch on Prince Edward Isle

Many commenters (such as the one below) believe this to be a hoax.

Matt Knapp It's always been known that they were making a student film. Keep in mind this video has been around for awhile. So yes, I realize in that aspect, the man running, etc. was staged. However, after it had ran it's course within the Bigfoot community, the story did come out that it was indeed a hoax and that they had a gymnast friend of theirs wear a costume and play the part. I've looked for it on the internet as well and have been unable to find the story, but I assure you it did happen. I'm not the only person who knows of this. As I stated I believe it was on a documentary, but I'm just not certain. It's been some years back.
The "they" you refer to in regards to is Bobbie Short, who has been in this community longer than the vast majority. Back when correspondence on the subject was carried out through hand-written letters. Before the internet. I seriously doubt she didn't do her research on the matter, and is probably aware of the same info I've given here. If you don't wish to believe that it happened, that's fine with me. If the video was 100% authentic, it still holds no value to the research community.
26 September 2010

Huge Sasquatch on Prince Edward Isle:
Filmed by the singer Nathan Wiley as a student in 2005. FBFB video uses Key enhancement by Brian Brown showing the quadrupedal run.  While shooting a scene from a student film, students capture a BF running quadruped then biped. Confirms on 10 points Uniform color, Long arm, and Coned head, gray skin on face.  Scale is achieved when the student and Sasquatch are in the same spot, comparison of the slides shows that the Sasquatch is ten feet tall.

Addendum:  How does a Bigfoot run on all fours? Quadrupedal run analysis [HD]
"The Quadrupedal motion of Huge Sasquatch on PEI" this addendum focuses on the motion of the Sasquatch videotaped in 2005 on Prince Edward Island, using Brian Brown's super-stabilized enhancement. We compare the motion to Gorilla and Bear running motions.  

Here are all three analysis videos we have done.

addendum video 

Quadrupedal run in Prince Edward Isle. 
Quadrupedal run in Prince Edward Isle.

Measurement of Sasquatch in Prince Edward island Sasquatch video. 
Measurement of Sasquatch in Prince Edward island Sasquatch video.