Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Police Officers Encounter With Sasquatch

This is the rough cut of the raw audio file from Sundays show. The witness writes “I am a police officer and I had an encounter (an aggressive one ) as an 11 year old in 1994 inside the border of the smokey mountain national park. I was on a camping trip with my family and a group of friends consisting of 5 other boys and my younger sister and brother. We were hiking a trail (a rather remote difficult one as I recall) I was temporarily separated from the group to tie my shoes and as they rounded a bend in the trail I looked to my right (down hill) and observed what in my mind at the time was a HUGE gorilla standing only about 50 ft from me . When it observed me observing it it immediately bounded up hill and onto the trail ahead of me cutting me off. I cannot describe how terrified I was.

In an attempt to get away my instinct and I don’t really know why was to go uphill and around to where I could yell down at my friends. I felt like if I stayed were I was I’d be killed! So began about a 3 hour ordeal in which I effectively was lost. People began to search for me. The whole time I walked along a ridge line above the trail occasionally hiding from this thing. The entire time it shadowed me. When I would stop it would stop . I did not have a “visual” of it most of the time and only actually saw it from the shoulders up 1 time after my initial sighting.

I feel like it was attempting to “herd” me away from safety. I was finally able to walk back onto the trail after 3 hours but only after I heard it farther and farther away and above me. It was raining by this time and I was a total mess completely terrified and exhausted. My folks were pretty pissed and of course worried. When they asked me why I had gone off the trail I told them I was chased off by a bear to which I think a park ranger told my parents that that didn’t make sense. Anyway if you’d like to hear some of the details I’d be willing to talk to you about it ”

If you have had an encounter email me


When Police Experience a Bigfoot

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Bridgewater Triangle - Bigfoot Scene

"The Bridgewater Triangle" - Bigfoot Scene

Boston Herald article quotes detailing the late John Baker's alleged encounter with Bigfoot in the Hockomock Swamp.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bigfoot History in the Woods of Honobia Oklahoma

In the first hour, George Knapp welcomes ex-military law enforcement officer, Troy Hudson, who will detail his extensive knowledge of Bigfoot history in the woods of Honobia, OK, on the eve of the city's annual Sasquatch festival.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Shadows in the Dark - Bigfoot in Native Folklore

Native Americans and Bigfoot:

To the Seminole, he's "Esti Capcaki" or the "Tall Man." The Lakota know him as "Chiye Tanka" - "Big Elder Brother." Yet he's "Tso Apittse" or the "Giant Cannibal" to the Shoshone and the "Evil God of the Woods" (Skookum) in Chinook Indian lore.

Run time 00:59:54

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Dr. Jeff Meldrum

"September 15, 2015 SHOW FINALE!!! All good things must come to an end. Join us for this final episode as we bring on a man who needs no introduction, Dr. Jeff Meldrum. Dr. Meldrum is a Full Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology and a Professor of the Department of Anthropology at Idaho State University. Meldrum is an expert on foot morphology and locomotion in primates. Meldrum has published numerous academic papers ranging from vertebrate evolutionary morphology, the emergence of bipedal locomotion in modern humans and Sasquatch (Bigfoot) and is a co-editor of a series of books on paleontology. If you have watch a documentary about Bigfoot, then likely you've seen Dr. Meldrum on the show. Now, come and hear him on OUR show for our grand show finale!!! We have great appreciation for all our listeners and thank you all for all the wonderful emails. We LOVE all our loyal listeners! So this show is for you! Will our show ever return? Well, that mystery is a large as the bipedal guy we all search for, but never say never!"