Wednesday, March 18, 2015

So Skeptics, Feel Like Running Around in the Woods in an Ape Suit?

In the most recent edition on the Bigfoot Times newsletter, Daniel Perez notes, "Skeptics who continuously point to the idea that all Bigfoot sightings are just people running around in ape suits fail to note just how potentially deadly such a stunt can be when witnesses feel their lives are in danger."

Indeed. While the following headline is a fake one from a tabloid, it obviously could very easily happen, hence the tabloid writers imagining it. I found it in the window of a local comic shop in the town the story is based in, being passed off as real.

And of course there was a man actually killed in an accident while trying to perpetuate a Bigfoot hoax, surely a further deterrent for those who might think of pulling such a stunt.

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