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Bigfoot Has A Dark Side - Taboo Bigfoot Subjects

Planet X Arrives March/April 2016?

Word around the campfire says yes. More fear porn or time to prepare?

Here is a report posted nearly a year before the late January announcement from astronomers of a newly-discovered Neptune-sized planet that lurks beyond Pluto. The "Leading Planet X / Nibiru expert" expert being interviewed posits that the approach of Planet X is the reason elites have been building underground cities.

Supposed Navy intel map as it relates to Planet X, or as one of the hosts points out, possibly disinfo to discredit people.

Alex Jones recently gave a good balanced report.

Alex Jones: Planet X Resurges To Wreck Your... by debunkerbuster
An interesting scientific and religious take on things in this video warns to not be in the USA if ever you are told that it will definitely be safe there.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

RIP Smokey Crabtree - 1927-2016


"The 'The Legend of Boggy Creek' was a gross exaggeration of what has actually happened here in Fouke, and I, for one, would like to see the history kept straight." - Smokey Crabtree

Smokey Crabtree - Guests - Coast to Coast AM


J. E. "Smokey" Crabtree grew up in Fouke (Fowk), Arkansas. At the age of eighteen he became a boxer, at nineteen he volunteered for the Merchant Marines, and by the age of twenty-five he was married and a father of four children. Smokey also played a major role in the fabulous Alaska oil pipeline stretching across the barren ice country from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. Smokey welded the very first joint of 48-inch pipe laid on the 800-mile line. His life story and discovery of an 8-foot skeleton inspired his books and the movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek." To this day Smokey is still living in Fouke, and will never forget his upbringing.



Past Shows:

Bigfoot Roundtable

Researcher Loren Coleman and expedition leader Tom Biscardi were joined by fingerprint technician Jimmy Chilcutt (2nd Hour) and author Smokey Crabtree (3rd Hour) to discuss the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. The evening kicked off with a playing of the song I Still Believe in Bigfoot by Danny Freyer, which was followed by a discussion about the soon-to-be-released Bigfoot video footage from... More »
Host: George Noory

DECEMBER 8, 2002
I’m sure more than one Bigfoot creature has died.  The question is when Bigfoot died.  Since rumors are running wild on the subject of bigfoot’s existence, Smokey Crabtree, author of two books on the Fouke Monster subject wants to express his personal opinion on the bigfoot story Ray Wallace’s family released in early December 2002, stating that Ray Wallace, his father, had passed away on 11/26/02, which we are all sorry to hear and my condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

The article stated that Ray Wallace was the man who designed and manufactured the fake feet used to create the Bigfoot tracks that in turn created thousands of stories about Bigfoot existing in the Northwest.  Opinion is that Ray Wallace did actually create those tracks for a hoax and kept it to himself all these years.  I’m sure he did not want it revealed or he would have revealed the fact himself.  If my father had participated in a hoax I would have let the story go to the grave with him.  I’m sure the set of feet they boast of having are not the first set created to mislead people and won’t be the last ones either. 

The story was released to ruin the dreams of thousands of good hearted believers in the facts that there are strange creatures out in the wilderness that are very hard to believe even after you have had the pleasure to witness them.  I would have never exposed my dead father and his secrets for what the Wallace family could ever get out of releasing the story.  The story couldn’t possibly have been referring to the Fouke Monster because the Fouke Monster was spotted in Fouke, Arkansas long before Mr. Wallace’s tracks were fabricated.

Neither I nor any one else that I know in the Fouke area had heard of the Bigfoot of the Northwest.  Until the moviemakers of “The Legend of Boggy Creek” stormed in on us, wanting to film on my family and me no one tied the Fouke monster in with the Sasquatch of the Northwest.  The moviemakers are the ones who wanted to tie the Fouke Monster to the Northwestern Sasquatch.

To separate the two species I would like to say that it was strictly impossible for the Ray Wallace fabricated, wooden footprints to have made the thousands of three-toed tracks found here in the southern part of Arkansas and Texas.  So, who’s Bigfoot died?  Some disbelievers in this world have never stopped saying that Jesus is dead, or trying to prove He never existed.  Well, I wish to let the readers know that those disbelievers have never convinced we believers that Jesus or Bigfoot is dead.

I am thoroughly convinced, through research, and being raised in the wilderness, that there is definitely things out in the woods that just simply are not supposed to be out there.  All my work and research has been to convince myself that at times there is a creature out there, not in trying to convince some city slicker, non-believers that there is a creature in the woods that simply shouldn’t be there.  There is something strange out there in the woods and I could care less what a non-believer thinks.

If people who would create a wooden foot print to fool the general public really want to know what is out there in the woods, let them go out there among the snakes, ticks, chiggers, rabid skunks, raccoons and such, and find out for themselves what is really out there.  The negative publicity will always get the front page when it comes to something being published.  It’s books, like mine, about the truth and facts that will very seldom ever be mentioned because it’s much easier to sit in an air-conditioned office and elaborate on a hoax or make up a false story than it is to go out in the woods and wilderness and gather information and facts.

“Smokey” Crabtree
Fouke, Arkansas

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Jon shares Bigfoot and Dogman Skinwalker encounters from Kentucky

Jon shares some Bigfoot and Dogman stories he heard from family and experienced himself in Kentucky. Sasquatch is all over the state and the other Dogmen eyewitness account will be shocking i assure you that. Music from the YouTube Library.
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Bigfoot Outlaw Radio Ep.12 Taboo Bigfoot Subjects

Warning: This may be the most controversial bigfoot show you've ever listened to. In this episode we are joined by Brenda Harris, as we discuss some of the most taboo subjects of bigfoot behavior. This includes a topic that very few know about, or wish to talk about. We apologize if you find this offensive, but our goal is to help educate those that are wanting to learn more about sasquatch, and share what we have learned ourselves. Both the good and the bad.


Bigfoot Has A Dark Side - Taboo Bigfoot Subjects

Campers Watch Deer Being Ripped Apart By A Bigfoot

Loch Ness Monster - Time Traveler?

In Search of Aliens S01 E03 - The Mystery of... by kaanozten

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Small Town Monsters w/ Seth Breedlove: Bigfoot & Mysterious Creatures on Film

Anthony and Luci talk to Seth Breedlove. The founder of Small Town Monsters production and the Director of amazing documentaries - "Minerva Monsters", "The Beast of Whitehall" and the upcoming "Boggy Creek Monster". We go back to some of the countries most intriguing Bigfoot cases and try to uncover some possible theories and answers to this paranormal phenomenon.

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