Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

Bigfoot Hospot Radio EP 242 The Navajo Nation and Sasquatch

Can Your Mattress Protector Stand up to Sasquatch?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

IMAX Bigfoot - Interview with Cameraman! (ThinkerThunker)

So you thought it was a bear, a crew-member in the shot or just some spectator that got caught on camera? Hear firsthand from the man who filmed it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Bigfoot Hotspot Radio // SC EP:32 Creepy Sasquatch Encounters [Sasquatch Chronicles]

A listener contacted the show to share several creepy Sasquatch encounters his family had on their farm. Here is a small portion of what he wrote "My grandparents had gotten a small house and lived outside of town.They used a camper as a chicken coup and had a massive, and I mean massive guard dog. It had a large chain attached to the camper to protect the chickens. My uncle claims he felt something wasn't right, he just felt very, very scared. When out of nowhere, everyone smelled a horrible skunk like odor and the dog went berserk. The dog was barking up a storm and just went crazy. About seven minutes or so after the dog had started barking, this massive, loud, bone shattering cry woke all the kids up and scared the life out of my grandmother. It's hard to describe this sound according to my father and his siblings it was like a semi roar, that was deep at first but got higher in pitch a sound no human could make, and it was very long, vocally speaking. The dog was so scared that it yelped and went under the camper. There was a dead silence, but everyone allegedly heard the dog's chain being forced against the concrete/ground, as if being pulled out from under the camper. The next morning, the family went outside to look around and what they saw really tore them up. The dog was gone, all that was left was the skin of it's back and all of the chickens were gone too. I personally believe it was a family group that attacked the house. Because my uncle, aunt and grandmother saw one staring at them all within seconds of each other, at different spots of the house. I think the house was surrounded, as well as multiple ones carrying off all the chickens and the dog."

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

34 Strange True Tales From The X-Files | Bigfoot, Alien, Glitch in the Matrix Stories

In wake of the election, to make everyone happy, we could bionically fuse Hillary and Donald together. I'd call it...CLUMP 2016 TIME STAMPS : 00:00 ► Bigfoot Stories (Vol. 1) 22:04 ► Alien Abduction Stories 53:24 ► Glitch In The Matrix Stories 01:06:43 ► Men In Black Stories 01:34:13 ► Cryptid Stories 01:47:34 ► Bigfoot Stories (Vol. 2)