Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bigfoot throws a boulder at a car in California - BCS

Published on May 30, 2015

Welcome to the return of Bigfoot Campfire Stories. This story comes to us from High in the Sierra Nevada Mountains when a lawyer on some down time got a bit more than he was expecting while camping off grid in the forest. Let's hear his story.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Free Kindle Edition Bigfoot Comic

Steve Niles and his fellow Creep, rocker Rob Zombie, team up to present this realistic take on the legendary Bigfoot. A monstrous ape-man is stomping around the woods of the Pacific Northwest, and he's not happy with mankind. Bigfoot also offers master craftsman Richard Corben a return to his true horror roots as he fully renders the imposing beast as only he can. Niles. Zombie. Corben. Bigfoot. What else needs to be said?

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Is January Recognized Worldwide as 'Bigfoot Hoax Month'?

No disrespect to the Bigfoot Lunch Club blog where four of these links come from. Their coverage is objective and it's good to look into all of this stuff. Giving hoaxes a fair shake means never skipping over a real case and it hones the skills of those looking to separate the wheat from the chaff. These are reports for January that in our estimation were widely-rejected by the Bigfoot community.

January 2015: Reports of BIGFOOT OR A BIG FAKE !

January 15, 2015: WATCH! ABC News Affiliate: 2nd Bigfoot Reported in Tampa Bay, FL

January 14, 2015: Russian Yeti Video from the Snowy Woods of the Adygeya Republic

January 11, 2015: Musician Forum Posts Bigfoot Pictures from Lagrange Ohio

January 11, 2015: Spokane NBC Affiliate Posts Quadcopter Bigfoot Video

January 4, 2015: Breakdown - Maine Bigfoot Footage


Real Thing TV

The Blizzard of 2015 brought more than just record amounts of snow to places from New York to Massachusetts -- it also sort of, kind of, maybe became ideal strolling weather for none other than Bigfoot and its distant cousin, Yeti.

While an obviously costumed individual walked the streets around Boston on Jan. 26 during the snowstorm -- dressed as the legendary white-haired Yeti -- its dark-haired relative -- aka Bigfoot -- was supposedly jaunting through storm-riddled Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York.

That's right: Bigfoot in the Big Apple!

The story first came to light when Russell Strark, a resident of Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood, sent the following video to The Brooklyn Paper.


January roared in like a lion and out with a flurry of Bigfoot reports.

The year began with a Jan. 3 controversial story of how a fisherman claimed to have seen and photographed Bigfoot -- known in Florida as a Skunk Ape -- while it allegedly sat in a few feet of the murky swampy Hillsborough River outside of Tampa, Florida.

Fast forward to Jan. 25 when HuffPost reader Matthew McKamey sent a video of something he says he and a friend saw while canoeing in a swamp that day in Lettuce Lake Park near, of all places, Tampa, Florida.

Both reports are highly dubious. Let's take a look at the second report to see if it's the legendary hairy beast ... or possibly another hoaxer who'll risk getting his butt bitten off in a Florida swamp, just to post some viral video on YouTube.

Travel companies encourage the public to visit the local swamps around Tampa, to spend time hiking, fishing and canoeing, and yet, they issue cautionary notes to the public to be careful of all the local alligators and snakes in the area that also encompasses the University of South Florida.

"Being in Florida, you tend to be used to that," McKamey, 28, who performs tree and landscape maintenance around Tampa, told HuffPost.

"There are business parks here that have little manmade lakes with fountains in the middle and gators rest on the fountains. You get used to it. Just the other day, while canoeing, I saw a number of gators, ranging from four to six feet in length."

The two men took a canoe into one of the many swampy inlets of Lettuce Lake Park. Around 1:00p.m., they heard a noise accompanied by tree movement. McKamey grabbed his phone and started videotaping.

I believe the Boggy Creek Monster will be making a appears soon also.'

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sasquatch Summit 2015

Event Details:

Sasquatch Summit 2015 Showcasing Various Bigfoot Research Methods And Results Sasquatch Summit is an annual event that takes place the weekend of Nov. 20-21 in the Sasquatch capital of the world in the Pacific Northwest. Hosted at the Quinault Beach Resort & casino in Ocean Shores, it features guest speakers, expeditions, vendors and information.

Come and listen to the community experts, take a picture with Sasquatch, learn to make castings, and much more!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Stan Gordon Discusses The Bigfoot UFO Connection


Stan Gordon has brought forth some interesting cases, which statistically speaking can be ignored. However, in the interest of being open minded and non-dismissive of seemingly honest people, I think it's first important to note the large body of evidence supporting an alien source for UFO reality. If you can get on board with that, the next thing to consider, is the oft reported "screen memories," of abductees. These are false memories planted by the alien visitors to obscure the real events that took place during the abduction. This is perhaps more likely than the Bigfoot being abducted too, and certainly more plausible than sightings of a real-life Chewbacca!



Monday, May 4, 2015

The Bigfoot Skeptic

Mitchell Waite

Many people do not believe in Bigfoot, and are very sure of it’s non existence. Most of these skeptics are not even willing to go into the field to see for themselves, but are convinced by what science, friends, relatives, and other skeptic tell them. However, there are a few who are willing to take the bold step of taking a trip into Bigfoot territory even if it is to try to prove the guide is “six marbles short of a dozen.” But, what happens when the skeptic is confronted with hard evidence they find in the field?

Such was the case in early September of 2009. A field trip was put together to do some research on a nest which was previously located by the guide. This nest construction was monitored over a period of a month starting with the harvesting of small branches which had green leaves. When this first step was noticed, the forest floor was covered with the branches almost as if rogue squirrels went on a branch harvesting binge. Two weeks later, the branches were gone. A week later, the branches were found under a blue spruce tree stacked in a pile eight feet long, four feet wide, and two feet thick. It was a bed. The spruce tree gave perfect shelter from the elements, and kept the bed secluded from any on-lookers.
The trip into the spruce tree in early September was to follow up on any changes. The group of three humans made it to the area by car and hiked down the hill to a nearby creek. Approximately one hundred yards down the creek the tree was located. The bed was there and it had been used. Next to the bed was a deer carcass which had been processed. All the meat was gone along with the skull. The hide had been pulled off the body down to the hind haunches. All innards were gone. The skeleton was intact, and the bones had not been chewed. This was not the typical predator kill.
As the group studied the area, a footprint was located. It was in the soft dirt near an opening under the branches. It was human like in shape, but the size was all wrong. The print was nearly 17 inches in length. The skeptic of the group got a firsthand look at the print and even got to touch the toe prints and count the toes. The skeptic did not say much, but was in a hurry to leave, and never would return again.

This seems to be typical of a hard skeptic. They never admit they were wrong or utter a word of vindication to the believers. They just go silent.

Bed, deer carcass, and footprint under the tree

Friday, May 1, 2015

Survivorman Bigfoot Q&A with Les Stroud

Joseph Eaton
Published on Apr 13, 2015

On April 8, 2015 Les Stroud traveled to Pocatello, Idaho to present some of his findings of Bigfoot to Prof. Jeff Meldrum PhD, and to also have a question & answer session with the local fans and Bigfoot believers. This is the recordings of the Q&A session. It was an awesome experience, and I am glad I finally got to meet Les and shake his hand. He is really down-to-earth, and is willing to chat it up with everyone. Thank you Les Stroud for coming to Idaho.

I am not affiliated with, nor do I make any hint of association with Les Stroud, Survivorman, or any of their entities. This was recorded under the laws of the First Amendment.