Sunday, June 14, 2015

Undisputed Bigfoot Facts

From the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization at

"I don't dispute there is a BF mystery but - honestly - how can anybody be said to be of 'unimpeachable character.' People do and say things often for highly inexplicable reasons..." - Jerry Glover

Well Jerry, if you look up unimpeachable in the dictionary the fist thing it says is "very reliable and trusted : not able to be doubted or questioned."

Some people are indeed "very reliable and trusted." You can doubt them if you want, but their character is of an unimpeachable nature, because they have proven themselves to be "very reliable and trusted." So it wouldn't be very logical to doubt them, as they have given no reason for you to.

Take for instance...

When Police Experience a Bigfoot

Monday, June 1, 2015


As the commenters point out, Meldrum was not fooled. It's important to note that on the show it was stated that the fakes cost $10,000 to produce. It's not likely that hoaxers are dishing out that much cash for no financial gain.

Meldrum is
a full Professor of anatomy and anthropology and expert on foot morphology along with locomotion in primates.

Viren Sanchit
1 day ago
He wasn't fooled you idiot. He picked out the fake
F*** you. Meldrum wasn't "fooled". He picked out the fake, as Les even admitted in the show. You lying piece of s***.