Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bigfoot Fever: Bigfoot and the Skeptibunkers

By Regan Lee

On what is probably the most famous (or infamous) "skeptic" forums,-- the JREF (James Randi Educational Forum) -- you can find threads about UFOs, Bigfoot, psychics; anything paranormal or Fortean, it's there. A favorite of theirs seems to be Bigfoot.

I find this fascinating, for they have not just one, or two, or even three, threads about Bigfoot. They have, at last count, twenty-seven separate threads concerning Bigfoot! I know! What fascinates me is why something that they don't believe exists would merit twenty-seven different threads?

They must love to hear themselves talk, as well as argue. Now and then some brave Bigfoot "believer" will engage in what they assume will be a debate (the poor dear) and soon find him or herself in an endless loop of bizarro world skepti -tactics. But that's okay, and to be expected, that's what they do. I just didn't realize they'd do it so much.

What do they hope to achieve? They're not going to convince anyone; they're preaching to the choir. At some point you just have to stop. But Bigfoot is on their skepti little brains, big time.

Here's a list of the Bigfoot threads:
* YETI Hair To Be Tested
* Bigfoot Body in Georgia!
* Bigfoot's Hanging Around Our Nation's Capital
* Is Bigfoot An Alien?
* Bigfoot Audio Scam?
* Bigfoot and Fox News
* Did Skepticism Kill Bigfoot?
* Grassman on Monster Quest
* BBC Article on Yeti
* Sweaty Yeti's Martian Civilization Evidence Thread
* Crow Logic's Extinct Bigfoot Thread
* Matt Crowley Shoots Down Dermal Ridges
* Moneymakin'! The BFRO Bigfoot Expeditions Thread
* Suppose Bigfoot was real and I had the proof?
* I Saw Bigfoot Kissing Santa Claus
* Juvenile bigfoot captured on game cam?
* Bigfoot - the Skookum Cast
* Native American myths/traditions support Bigfoot? A critical look
* Government Bigfoot Cover-up
* Bigfoot: The Invisible Variety
* Bigfoot is Real I Have The Proof
* Creekfreak's Bigfoot hair samples and other non-photo related claims
* Bigfoot: Patterson-Gimlin Film
* Another Bigfoot Video
* Man Accuses Bigfoot of Sexual Assault
* Bigfoot on Video? Memorial Day 1996
* 3 Toed SC Bigfoot   
* Bigfoot in West Virginia (You can find the actual links by visiting my Bigfoot blog Frame 352.)

I will acknowledge that the "Native American myths/traditions support Bigfoot? A critical look" is interesting. The "Patterson-Gimlin Film" is at times interesting, often entertaining, and of course, full of the expected insults, mocking and put downs. I mean they do go on!

Others are downright silly, like "I Saw Bigfoot Kissing Santa Claus," others are deadly serious, with deadly serious questions about some aspect or another of Bigfootness. Whatever.
Really, at some point you have to ask: what's the fascination with the fascination?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Bigfoot Chronicles 2015

Tom Monson talks us through his movie the Bigfoot chronicles. Synopsis : Bigfoot Chronicles is an adventure story about successful documentary film maker, Rock Thomson who has recently lost his family in a car crash. Thomson is approached by Dalton West who represents several Indian nations who want to document Bigfoot sightings in Oregon to stop the scheduled clear cutting of their sacred forest. At first Thomson refuses, telling West he doesn't do fairy tales, but when West makes Thomson an offer he can’t refuse, Thomson decides to go to Jackson Hill, Oregon. There he meets Susan and several other characters who tell about their Bigfoot encounters. One of them, Wally tells a convincing story and where to find Bigfoot. Thomson assembles an expedition and goes into the dangerous lost world of Oregon to find the illusive creature. Half way through the expedition, one of them is hurt and they are forced to turn back. Thomson decides to finish the project alone. The quest for the truth takes him into some of the most beautiful and dangerous forests in the world. This is a story of commitment, love, redemption, and let's not forget it's all about Bigfoot.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Joseph P Farrell on Giants and Hidden History !!

Joseph P. Farrell is a recognized scholar whose credentials include a PhD in philosophy from the University of Oxford.


The Ancient Giants who Ruled America

Joseph P. Farrell - Roswell and the Reich - Coast To Coast AM - Mar 14 2010

UFO Update IV: Crop Circles; Bigfoot

by Jerry Modjeski

Nancy Talbott studies electromagnetic after-effects in crop formations; In Wisconsin, Chad Lewis reports of a witness watching circles being formed; Linda Moulten Howe examines light phenomena & intentions; Pennsylvania investigator Stan Gordon recounts cases of bigfoot & UFOs; Chad provides Native Americans' perspectives of negative bigfoot encounters; lifelong experiencer Carl Meiers describes seeing two sasquatch near Iron Mountain, Michigan in 1955. Hosted & edited by Jerry Modjeski for UFO Update, a feature on The Musical Transportation Spree, KFAI Mpls-St. Paul.

UFO Update: The Real Men in Black:

Comment regarding the Bigfoot and UFO connection:

Stan Gordon has brought forth some interesting cases, which statistically speaking can be ignored. However, in the interest of being open minded and non-dismissive of seemingly honest people, I think it's first important to note the large body of evidence supporting an alien source for UFO reality. If you can get on board with that, the next thing to consider, is the oft reported "screen memories," of abductees. These are false memories planted by the alien visitors to obscure the real events that took place during the abduction. This is perhaps more likely than the Bigfoot being abducted too and dropped off at the scene where these two phenomena bump heads, and certainly more plausible than sightings of a real-life Chewbacca!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

End Illegal and Inhumane Gorilla Poaching | ForceChange

End Illegal and Inhumane Gorilla Poaching | ForceChange

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Heidi - 2 hours ago -
End Illegal and Inhumane Gorilla Poaching
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Undebunking Bigfoot Blog on News Network's Front Page


Highly Probable, Possible, Inconclusive, and Widely Rejected Sasquatch Videos and Photos

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Highly Probable, Possible, Inconclusive, and Widely Rejected Sasquatch Videos and Photos
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A Little Mouse Can Save a Big Cat

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Sasquatch Chronicles Playlist

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Beast Of Bray Road

Artist's Rendering

The Beast of Bray Road is a hairy humanoid with canine features that was sighted near the towns of Delavan and Elkhorn in Wisconsin, mainly during the 1990s. It was labeled a Werewolf in local folklore. Most cryptozoologists have decide to label it a Bigfoot in order to avoid dealing with the scientific absurdities involved with werewolves. However, some people think that it is a cryptid canine instead. Some researchers consider the Beast of Bray Road to be identical to a kind of Wisconsin Bigfoot named the "Bluff Monster" or the "Eddy."