Thursday, June 2, 2016

Monster Sightings Creatures that Shoudn't Exist [FULL VIDEO]

There lurks a wide array of monsters, mysterious beasts and diabolical creatures that science tells us do not exist - but that a significant percentage of people certainly know otherwise. Throughout America’s history, shocked onlookers have seen unbelievable creatures of every stripe—from sea serpents to apelike beings, giant bats to monkeymen—in every region.

Covering such local legends as Big Bird, the Lake Worth Monster, El Chupacabras, and many, many more, this video is a must-watch for anyone interested in cryptozoology. Not only does it recount some classic monster tales, but also showcases newer ones and sheds light on some older stories as well.


Lake Worth Monster Photo:

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ask the Cincinnati Zoo to let their Gorillas go to a Sanctuary

today's actionAsk the Cincinnati Zoo to let their Gorillas go to a Sanctuary
On May 28th, a 3-year old boy climbed into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. Video footage shows Harambe, a 17-year old gorilla, gently holding the child, probably in an attempt to shield him from the screams coming from humans. Ten minutes later, Harambe was shot and killed by zoo officials. 

Like other gorillas, Harambe was considered an endangered animal. He had been bred and raised in captivity, but animals raised in these breeding programs are not released in the wild.

A wild animal that can pose a threat to the public should not be held captive in a zoo. Zoos are made for viewing pleasure and if a curious visitor is determined to get past security measures, they can. This isn't just a risk to the human, but the endangered animal as well.

For today's Daily Action, sign this petition and urge the Cincinnati Zoo to let their gorillas go to a sanctuary.



Some Perspective on the Cincinnati Gorilla Killing