Friday, May 15, 2015

Is January Recognized Worldwide as 'Bigfoot Hoax Month'?

No disrespect to the Bigfoot Lunch Club blog where four of these links come from. Their coverage is objective and it's good to look into all of this stuff. Giving hoaxes a fair shake means never skipping over a real case and it hones the skills of those looking to separate the wheat from the chaff. These are reports for January that in our estimation were widely-rejected by the Bigfoot community.

January 2015: Reports of BIGFOOT OR A BIG FAKE !

January 15, 2015: WATCH! ABC News Affiliate: 2nd Bigfoot Reported in Tampa Bay, FL

January 14, 2015: Russian Yeti Video from the Snowy Woods of the Adygeya Republic

January 11, 2015: Musician Forum Posts Bigfoot Pictures from Lagrange Ohio

January 11, 2015: Spokane NBC Affiliate Posts Quadcopter Bigfoot Video

January 4, 2015: Breakdown - Maine Bigfoot Footage