Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bigfoot Skeptics vs. Bigfoot Believers

May 28, 2012

It is very interesting to follow the comments on Face Book and You-tube on Bigfoot Research videos. I have noticed Bigfoot research is hounded to the point where may believers are beaten into submission and quit trying to bring forth what they perceive to be the truth. Not only do they have to contend with bullies within their own ranks, but they have to deal with the non-believer skeptics. This article deals with the non-believing skeptics.

It is very interesting how the skeptics peruse Bigfoot sites and videos, and leave profane, derogatory, and demeaning comments hopefully for all to read, and get very angry when they find out their comments subject to approval before being publically published. Even to the point of stating their first amendment rights have been violated. I would like to make two points. 1) Bigfoot researchers are not looking to pick a fight. They very rarely go to another site to publically slander, defame or belittle people of a different opinion. 2) If you are a non-believing skeptic why waste your time and effort surfing Bigfoot sites? By doing so, it points out just how little your time is worth.

The incident with the “violation of First Amendment rights ” was comical in a way. This person was demanding (with profanities every 4th word) the Bigfoot site shut down and quit posting Bigfoot crap (not his word) on You-tube. After the profane comments were not approved or posted, the skeptic writes back and graphically tells the Bigfoot site where to stick it. This user is now blocked.

When you surf Bigfoot related sites, and you find one with open posting, take note of the abuse and who is dishing it out to whom. Typically, the Bigfoot believer will make a statement they believe to be true. Then watch who lambastes whom. Sure, you will find a Bigfoot believer who loses it, but in most cases it is the skeptic that dishes out the verbal abuse, and it can get pretty ugly.

Another skeptic tried to argue the use of profanity by saying it is all over the net, and if kids have not heard about it, then they should. I would like to commend the web site owner for the reply, “Profanity may be everywhere on the net, but this site does not have to condone it, or perpetuate the use of such language. If you want to post a comment and have it approved on this site, do not use profanity!”