Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bigfoot Featured in the Pennsylvania Allegheny National Forrest Travel Guide & Map

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Finding Bigfoot

Myth or Fact?

Bigfoot (Sasquatch), named for its large footprints, is normally described as a large bipedal humanoid that lives in remote, heavily forested areas throughout the world. Folklore provides us with detailed descriptions of Bigfoot in every continent except Antarctica. These creatures are believed to communicate with each other by knocking on wood.

An unidentifiable creature was captured by a game camera, mounted in a tree by Rick Jacobs in a remote area of the ANF. Researchers from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot sought out Bigfoot in the Kinzua Valley and the ANF. Their research concluded this region has positive sightings and signs of Bigfoot.

Could Bigfoot really be living here? Many locals believe, but others have fun promoting the idea. Plan on having your photo taken with “Bigfoot,” statues of the creature located at Bell’s Meat Market in Kane, and at Rock City Park. Locally, you can purchase Bigfoot Wine, Bigfoot Sausage and other products.

The Great Finding Bigfoot GeoTrail

Travel the footpaths of pioneer settlers, wildcatters, bootleggers…and possibly Big Foot as you search for the 30 geocaches hidden along the Great Finding Bigfoot Geotrail. Record the secret code found in each geocache on the downloadable form, then mail the completed form into the ANF Visitors Bureau to receive your free trackable geocoin. Entries will be submitted into a contest to win a free GPS unit. Download your
form at:


Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt. It is a fun, free, interactive way to enjoy the outdoors and technology, and it is suitable for all ages. Enter a zip code on to begin. Use the clues and a GPS unit or smart phone to find the hidden caches. A cache, in geocaching language, is the hidden item containing either a code or stamp enabling you to obtain a trackable geocoin. In our region, there are thousands of geocaches.

Popular local zip codes to get you started are: 16701, 16735, 16749, 16731, 16347, 16333, 16740 and 14779. Have Fun!

McKean County, Pennsylvania

John-Michael Talboo from the Undebunking Bigfoot Blog Pictured with Bigfoot at Bell’s Meat Market in Kane, PA.

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