Sunday, September 14, 2014

Finding Bigfoot 'Bama Bigfoot' Video

In this free episode of Finding Bigfoot the team placed stocky 6'4" James "Bobo" Fay at the same location as the pictured figure. Comparing the two it appeared to be 8 and a half feet tall. As Ranae Holland argued, this could be accounted for by tree growth. Matt Moneymaker argued that the tree width had not changed and showed the figure was nearly twice as wide. He's off on that estimate from what I can tell. That all said, a medium for tree growth is 13 to 24” of growth per year, which still leaves the original figure's height above Bobo's who is taller than most humans. Furthermore, the witnesses were deemed credible and have experienced so much purported Sasquatch activity in the area that they've named it Creepy Mountain. This one is high in my possible pile.