Thursday, August 29, 2013

Comment on: The Bigfoot are Really Just Misidentified Bears Argument

Steve W. writes:

A really excellent post that brings out the value of witness observations. They are ridiculed so many times but you have to weigh what was seen in context.

I think the key thing is that the circumstances of the sightings, the details, rule out mundane explanations. This is the same with UFO sightings.

Debunkers claim people are poor witnesses, but in reality they are often good witnesses and poor interpreters.

I think the thing that witnesses get wrong are minor details. Obvious events are remembered and seen for what they are. If a car crashes into a tree the witness will not say it’s a truck or a plane. There might be some differences in the colour that people remembered, but they will not mistake that they saw a car crash. Your video of Bigfoot versus Bear illustrates the differences that people could not make such easy mistakes.

Great post.