Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don Keating White Bigfoot Video

Click to Enlarge reports:
Here are some interesting facts we have come to after examining the film countless times as well as doing experiments in the field at the same location to duplicate the feat on film.

It covered 28 feet in 1.55 seconds.

It covered the 28 feet with just four steps.

It walked past three posts in the ground, which were 49 inches tall.

It was twice as tall as they were. Its waist was just above the tops of the posts, yet a man of 5 foot 11 inches was barely visible because of the angle of the filming. Just his head was visible above the top of the posts.

A bush in the background which is walks by is 12 feet tall. It was three quarters as tall as the bush.

It was light gray or white in color.

The distance from the camera to the individual was about 262 feet.

To this point, I have not been able to come near duplicating what is on the film, nor has anybody else... Virtually everybody who sees it believes it is a Sasquatch.
In his book Bigfoot: Encounters Past & Present veteran Bigfoot investigator, Daniel Perez, of reports the following of the White Bigfoot video:
Experiments were conducted using people of known height. When we tried to duplicate the scene with the same video camera in the same position, but using a man of 5 feet 11 inches tall it was clear we could barely see this man's head in relationship to the wooden posts in the ground. Don and I both concluded whatever was filmed was extremely tall and moved extremely fast.

On several reviews on the film it appears the subject comes out from the brush on the far side of the hard packed dirt road and then goes back into the brush in less than two seconds. It my view there's no possibility it was a hoax. It is also hard to believe it is a man as no clothing is showing. 
See the video in this free online episode of the TV program "Monster Quest."