Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot Photos

In his book Bigfoot: Encounters Past & Present veteran Bigfoot investigator, Daniel Perez, of states the following regarding pictures below:
In my view, after spending an entire day with Randee Chase and going to the sighting location, there is no hint this was a hoax. Mr. Chase is a very credible eyewitness and not the type of person to be playing a practical joke in my view. It was obvious by having Randee Chase stand where he photographed Bigfoot, there could be no mistaking this for a man in a heavy black jacket...
As a Bigfoot researcher for the past quarter century, I think Randee may have snapped pictures of Bigfoot.
Interesting Photos:

The figure you see could be a sasquatch...

There's nothing in the outline to indicate that it's another person (except for the upright posture). There's no lines indicating clothing or a pack. The lump on the neck could easily be a clump of hair, similar to what you can see in the PGF.

snowshoers or backpackers in these conditions would look different than this silhouette.

Location : Silver Star Mountain, Washington
Date : November 17, 2005