Sunday, February 9, 2014

BFRO Michigan UP Expedition 2013.

Published on Jan 24, 2014

The Michigan BFRO Expedition took place in the Upper Peninsula in 2013. The trip was organized by Caroline Curtis and Jim Sherman and about 50 people attended including investigators from New York, Florida, Wisconsin, as well as the MI-BFRO researchers. Several people repeated from last year as well. This video contains pictures from attendees as well as video from the field and after-action accounts. The audio contained herein was either captured on location or was used for call blasting but was collected from the state of Michigan. There were multiple possible sightings, audio recorded, and track ways and individual prints found. It was an active expedition. It also rained...


Craig Sulk Possible Trail Cam Photo of Bigfoot - Finding Bigfoot Episode in Upper Michigan