Friday, February 7, 2014

Craig Sulk Possible Trail Cam Photo of Bigfoot - Finding Bigfoot Episode in Upper Michigan

Hunter or Sasquatch? Finding Bigfoot episode in Upper Michigan

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MENOMINEE -- On Sunday night Animal Planet aired an episode of Finding Bigfoot titled Super Yooper Sasquatch.

The team traveled outside of Menominee to meet with hunting guide Craig Sulk who owns 80 acres of land. One of Sulk's trail cams captured an unexplainable dark figure.

Is the dark figure a hunter or Sasquatch?

In the episode they also hold a meeting with residents, discovering many claim to have encountered the mysterious creature.

The segment aired at 10 p.m. ET on Sunday evening and 12 and 5 a.m. Monday. - Source:

Undebunking Bigfoot blog commentary:

The photo's owner Craig Sulk argued strongly on the "Super Yooper" Finding Bigfoot episode, that the dark figure in the photograph was not likely a hunter, as the snapshot was a unique sight among the many thousands of trail photos he views each year. Plus he notes, it was taken on his private property, where he contended it's well known around those parts, not to trespass because the area is protected by its gun-toting owners. 

The Finding Bigfoot team placed stocky 6'4" James "Bobo" Fay at the same location as the pictured figure, in what investigator Cliff Barackman estimated was within a few feet, five tops, of where the original pictured subject stood. The figure was determined to be very comparable in overall size to Fay, certainly looking to haven't had quite as broad of shoulders as the large Finding Bigfoot investigator did. Bobo's more than average size aside, (a height that would only take Michael Jordan two inches above Fay when side-by-side and certainly Jordan is less wide)  it was clear from the comparison photo shot---that Bobo---was just that---Bobo---the human---wearing clothes---and bearing no resemblance to the dark figure's hue.

After the recreation, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) founder and Finding Bigfoot investigator, Matt Moneymaker, argued:
The fact that it's his [Bobo's] size or smaller though, doesn't eliminate the chance that it's a Sasquatch, because they're also that size as well. They grow from being very small to growing up. I think if it had been a person, I think you'd see a difference in the amount of reflectivity, or darkness between the top and the bottom there and you don't. It's as if it's all covered with the same color fur.