Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Siberian Bigfoot Photos

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The set of photos from which this one comesd were passed long to M.K. Davis for analysis by well known Russian Bigfoot expert Igor Burtsev, who states of the photos:
The info about this case, happened in Sheregesh, Mountanious Shoria, Siberia, was published at April 1, 2011. That is why I thought that it was just a joke for Fulish day, and ignored it.. At the same time I was busy to prepare the International Conference of Hominology, which later took place on October 6-8, 2011 in that very location. I intended to learn more about that while being there, but couldn’t do it at the time.
Later on I was informed, that it happened on March 26, 2011. The members of a youth group walking along Green Mount in Sheregesh had a chance to meet Bigfoot and even photograph it. It was in a place next to the ski resort, famous for its comfortable ski traces and lifts, near the Tashtagol city.
Only in 2012 I could find one of that group, Alexandr Chudanov, who presented the photographs to the 10th Chanal of the local TV there. I spoke to him. Here is what Alexander Chudanov narrated.
He, along with a group of young people climbed the Green Mount on March 26, on the slope opposite to where the ski traces were. Rising quite high and pretty tired, stopped to rest on the opening. Nina Ovchinnikova, one of the group members, filmed on video surrounding landscape, and in front of her in the snow sat Nikita Korolyov with the camera and also shot or trying on something off. They chatted about various things…
Suddenly Nina loudly screamed in horror, the camera fell out of her hands and hung on a strap, continuing to shoot. And Nikita turned quickly in the direction of her gaze and directed the camera to where moved down the slope some huge hairy figure right through deep snow. Someone asked: “Did you see? “ Nikita ran towards this substance, Nina cried: “ Do not go!“ As a result it turned out, that Nikita managed to shoot this ”Bigfoot“ several times while running, and the last one appeared the best, though the creature’s head was hidden behind the branches of fir-tree…
After several of my conversations with Alexandr I turned to believe that the shooting was not staged, but real. While snow was three feet deep, and the figure rapidly moved on it, so human could not do in such a manner.
Unfortunately, Nina Ovchinnikova has died in a car accident with her boyfriend Alexey Nikul’nikov, a member of that group too. And Alexandr doesn’t know in which city is home of Nikita to ask him of more details…