Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Woodpile Sasquatch Video: East Texas Habituation Site

THE TEAM IS BACK! #FindingBigfoot returns November 9th for a 2-hour season premiere!

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At one location, he obtained a short piece of thermal video that purports to show a sasquatch behind a pile of wood. I had seen this clip before, but was always uncertain as to what it depicts. I can now see how it might be a sasquatch, but it is still far from certain what exactly is in the clip. The hand and arm position seems a bit awkward, even for a bigfoot. (Then again, who am I to say what is natural for a bigfoot?) The two bright spots on what is interpreted to be the face might be eyes, as they radiate more heat than the rest of the head, and would thus appear brighter. My main concern with the video is the fact that the “head” and “arm” appear to be different brightnesses, and therefore temperatures. However, this might be due to some partial obstruction, or even a hair covering insulating part of the head. When it comes down to it, I really don’t know what is in the clip, though it might very well be a bigfoot.