Wednesday, July 15, 2015

'Bigfoot is Pissed' Eye Shine Video


This series of clips was extracted from a video shot by Robert Dodson, titled "bigfoot is pissed". I found the eye shine in his video interesting enough that I wanted to isolate the individual clips, as well as some other squatchy behavior (rock throws, faint vocals), and share them with my friends. Take note of the "duck down" at the 59 second mark. Is there some facial reflection, and a hint of a dark left shoulder there, as it ducks behind the bush?

This is a follow up to the video I posted yesterday showing the eyeshine and peek-a-boo motions captured by Robert Dodson. On this version I played with the contrast and brightness to try and bring out some more detail in the subject. This does appear a bit better than the first cut I released. If you want to see the original video as posted by Mr. Dodson, follow this link:

Eyes never blink.

+vegasthedog I appreciate that, and I'm not arguing either. But to dismiss evidence because it doesn't meet your expectations of behavior seems a bit short sighted. For instance, why would you expect a sasquatch to blink? Does anyone know enough about their eyes, or the brightness of the light shining at them in this video, to draw conclusions about what they should be doing? The reasons I believe this video has legs are threefold. One, the aforementioned vocalization, which almost no other researcher out there would recognize as related to a sasquatch. Two, the act of rock throwing, which is well documented and something I've personally experienced in the filed. And three, the very similar resemblance between this video and another credible video of possible sasquatch eye shine recorded in Kentucky a few years ago. That video was taken during a BFRO investigation and also captured some vocals consistent with other possible sasquatch recordings. All that, plus the fact the guy who filmed this went back and did a follow up, and determined the eyes were nearly as far appart as the tree next to them, and that tree is almost 12 inches in diameter, and based on his measurements they were 8 feet off the ground. ... So you see, there's always more to the story than what's in the video. You just have to keep an open mind and do a little more digging to find the facts and evidence. Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion.