Sunday, July 26, 2015

Comedians Talking About Bigfoot - Episodes 1-7


Ep1- Stacy Brown Jr. and Eddie Pence

This episode features comedian/Host David Race, and co-host Jeremy Evans, and their comedian guest Eddie Pence, talking to the winner of Spike TV's "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty", Stacy Brown Jr. They discuss David's Bigfoot incident, how Stacy uses women as Bigfoot bait, and what Stacy did with the prize money from Spike TV, amongst many other things.

Ep2 - Billy Willard and Thom Tran

This episode features comedian/Host David Race, co-host Jeremy Evans, and their Cryptozoologist turned comedian guest, Thom Tran. On the episode they examine incredible audio of a purported Bigfoot TALKING. They also speak with the director of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia - Billy Willard about his Bigfoot experiences.

Ep3 - Linda Moulton Howe and Chris Strait

This episode features comedian/Host David Race, and co-host Jeremy Evans, and their comedian guest Chris Strait, talking with Linda Moulton Howe from the History Channel show "Ancient Aliens". On the show the gang talk with Linda about whether or not to consider the possibility that Bigfoot is not of this earth. Also, the comics examine a tape of a Bigfoot LAUGHING!

Ep4 – Dr. Matthew Johnson & Craig Coleman

On this episode, we have comedian Craig Coleman in studio. We talk with Dr. Matthew Johnson from his secret Bigfoot habituation site, while he is in the middle of spending 4 consecutive nights with a Bigfoot family. We also premiere audio of the first known Bigfoot rap song.

Ep5 - Claude Stuart, Danny Villalpando and Bob Bucko

This episode, featuring comedian and host, David Race, and guest comedians, Claude Stuart and Danny Villalpando. The Bigfoot expert guest is Bob Bucko of Pennsylvania Bigfoot Investigations. The guys discuss notorious Bigfoot incidents in Pennsylvania. They also play a brand new game called: Did A Bigfoot Do It?

Ep6 - Steve Streufert, Murray Valeriano and Bill Devlin

This episode features comedian and host, David Race, along with guest comedians, Murray Valeriano and Bill Devlin. Steve Streufert, owner of a Bigfoot book store in California calls in, to talk about trail cams he has placed in Bluff Creek. And the guys manage to pull a practical joke, on him...

Ep7 - Bobo From "Finding Bigfoot", Brian Scolaro, and Mike Casentini

This episode is the season finale of season 1 of "Comedians Talking About Bigfoot". On the show comedian/host David Race and guest comedians Brian Scolaro and Mike Casentini, talk with James "Bobo" Fay from the Animal Planet TV show "Finding Bigfoot". They discuss Bobo, Bigfoot, and geopolitics and it's affect on nuclear proliferation.