Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Donald Trump, Bigfoot, Werewolves, and Star Wars

What don't these things have in common!

Oregon's Largest Newspaper Writes Bigfoot Policy Speech for Donald Trump

Sasquatch feet aren't just big they are "Yuuuuge!"

"I would give the Northwest what it's never had, a winning Bigfoot policy." --The Oregonian's Fictional Donald Trump 
So you can see I could do amazing things for Oregon. Bigfoot won't come out and talk to anybody? He'll talk to me. More than anybody who has ever run for president, I know Bigfoot. I was on a talk show with Bigfoot — the network begged me to come on — and he's a good guy, although not as smart or good-looking as I am.

Between you and me, even my feet are bigger, although the media won't tell you that.

I would give the Northwest what it's never had, a winning Bigfoot policy. We've got a Bigfoot policy put together by losers, a Bigfoot policy run by people with small feet and smaller IQs. I could bring Bigfoot out by offering him a free week at a Trump hotel. Nobody would refuse that, because Trump hotels are the greatest places in the world.


David Sarasohn: What Donald Trump would say to Oregon (OPINION)

If Our Politicians Were Werewolves Or Vampires…Donald Trump would be a werewolf?

If politicians were cryptids, there’s little doubt in our minds that Donald Trump would be a werewolf!



Alex Jones's Interview of Donald Trump is Going Well

I liked the interview, but that's pretty funny. :)

Alex Jones's interview of Donald Trump is going well.