Monday, January 18, 2016

'Finding Bigfoot' Crew Investigates the "Sobe Bomb Bigfoot" Video

On the Finding Bigfoot episode entitled, "Holy Cow, It's Bigfoot," the below video from Utah, which has become known as the "Sobe Bomb Bigfoot" video, is investigated. The crew was skeptical at first, but they wanted to investigate further because the video was taken in the same canyon that local BFRO investigators say "the most Bigfoot action happens in."

As can be seen here, stocky 
6'4" investigator James "Bobo" Fay is comparable in size to the figure in the original video.
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When the witness was asked what he thought after the recreation, he stated that he "had no idea" what it was, but "knew for sure it wasn't any of [his] friends." Investigator Matt Moneymaker agreed. The image below with Bobo to the far-right and the witness to his left demonstrates the size difference between the figure and the witness quite well. If we are to somewhat safely assume his friends are around his same size, then we can easily see why he is certain it wasn't one of his friends. Bobo was convinced it wasn't a hoax by the fact that it was a YouTube commenter that alerted them to the figure possibly being a Bigfoot.  Moneymaker went on to state that it was "probably a Bigfoot."

Compelling audio evidence was captured during their investigation.

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