Sunday, November 17, 2013

Comment Regarding 'Pseudo-skeptic Sharon Hill' Post

Regarding yesterdays post "Pseudo-skeptic Sharon Hill Gets no Respect for Behaving Worse Than Badly," "GuyInIndiana" at the forum writes:
I've seen her post a lot of crock over at JREF. She's no different than any of the others over there: it's just that she takes the time to write a blog as well and claims to take an honest look at both sides of any equation.

I agree that many in bigfooting are hardly objective at all, but there's no difference in the "skeptics" and their blind dismissal of real evidence when it's presented, because they CAN just broad-brush it all as "non-evidence" since they already *KNOW* that the creatures don't exist.

I have as little patience or respect for them as I do for people involved in BF'ing that turns everything that happens outdoors into "proof of bigfoot". Both extremes do themselves a disservice.
JREF is a debunking forum located at At the 29 minute mark of this great lecture by Dr. Jeff Meldrum regarding sasquatch, he briefly addresses pseudo-skeptical arguments and JREF forum debunkers.