Monday, November 25, 2013

Mike Greene's Thermal Video of 'Squeaky' the Sasquatch Stealing a Candy Bar

Mike Greene has an MS in Behavioral Psychology, is a court-qualified Questioned Documents Expert and for 20 years was Chief Investigator for a State Fraud Bureau. He is a pilot and a former EMT and member of the National Ski Patrol.- Source:

The figure in this footage got the nickname "Squeaky" from some of the items left for it at the tree stump "altar" of offerings, to which the figure had been lured and habituated to over the course of two (2) years.

Among the items intended to pique its curiosity were squeakable bath toys, including a rubber ducky. Various toys were moved repeatedly on the stump, and occasionally taken. Some were later found deep in the woods. It was thought that whatever carried away the squeaky toys must have noticed their squeakability at some point, and perhaps found them curiously amusing -- hence the nickname "Squeaky"...

There is a high degree of confidence among many members of the BFRO that the Squeaky footage shows a real sasquatch. More than a handful of BFRO members have reported direct observations of a sasquatch near this spot, along with a long list of Class B incidents, over the past three (3) years.

There is also high confidence in Mike Greene's credibility as a bigfoot researcher, and confidence in his periodic trial-and-error efforts at the site over the years. His patient approach was the most logical, feasible strategy for getting a sasquatch on camera at that site. His success on this particular occasion demonstrated a new technique for obtaining footage -- the unattended camp. - Source:

The clip of the figure grabbing the candy bar after belly crawling to it can be seen at 36 seconds in.

In this video, Cliff Barackman of the Animal Planet program Finding Bigfoot, states:
I do believe it was a Sasquatch... because Mike was positive, therefore I'm fairly certain, that there was nobody else at the campsite at the time. He was alone at the campground and he parked at the entrance to the campground, so he knows that nobody else was there but him. The only other option is that somebody snuck in... off trail, in the dark, to steal a candy bar from Mike and Zagnuts aren't that good. Mike Green is a very trustworthy figure. He was actually a welfare fraud investigator for decades. He is used to dealing with people that might be a little shady, he himself is not shady at all. I've spent a lot of nights in the woods with that guy. I met him up in British Columbia on a Bigfoot trip and we immediately hit it off, we became very good friends... I trust him with my life. I said that in the episode and I do mean it, I trust Mike with my life. He's a very, very, honest guy.