Monday, November 25, 2013

Finding Bigfoot: Black and White Thermal Footage of a Bigfoot - The Brown Footage

"Captured outside Tallahassee, this thermal footage appears to show Bigfoot walking through the Florida woods."

After a recreation of the video in the exact same spot it was shot, Finding Bigfoot's resident skeptic and Research Biologist Ranae Holland, stated that she was "very surprised, almost alarmed, at how small (stocky 6'4" James "Bobo" Fay) was compared to the original figure." Holland noted the figures longer arms and legs, further stating that Bobo looked like "a little gummy bear" comapred to the "long, lean, and considerably taller figure." Holland concluded by stating that the video is the first one "outside of the Patterson Gimlin film" where she "cannot explain it away." Bobo noted the size of the hands. The figure covered the same ground in one step as Bobo did in two.

A 5 ft 9 in human is shown next to the possible sasquatch. Click to enlarge.

Two images superimposed over one another showing the step length of the creature.

"I have interviewed both of the witnesses that were there that night and I am satisfied that they are not lying about what they did and observed.  Their actions since obtaining the footage support that the footage is not a hoax in that they have spent considerable money visiting the location on many occasions since to do further research and to obtain accurate measurements at my request.  The measurements they obtained were used to calculate the dimensions of the creature in the footage, and every result of every calculation showed that whatever is in that film is simply immense.  While the results of my calculations are only approximations of the creature’s size, it is clear that the figure is very large.  It seems to stand somewhere around 8.5 feet tall, and have a shoulder width of about 4 feet.  The creature is simply too big to be a human, and the steps are ridiculously long.  The figure’s shape, posture, and gait match those seen in other films purporting to show sasquatches.  The data provided by the Browns strongly suggests that the figure seen in their film is a sasquatch." - Source: