Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Navajo Bigfoot Possibly Captured in Photos by Paramedics

Breaking News: Navajo Bigfoot Captured in Photos by Paramedics!

Tweeted to Matt Moneymaker and Bobo from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot by Joseph Gomez, @TeamGomezBoxing
Im a professional boxer, looking for all the fights I can fighting for the fans! I have a little girl and she’s the world to me.
Aztec, New MexicoJoseph Gomez
  1.  Was this photo taken on Navajo land?
@MattMoneymaker1 my friends mother works for the paramedics and so my friend sent to me.Its near Navajo reservation...
  1.  Matt Moneymaker         @MattMoneymaker1
  2. @TeamGomezBoxing OK, it's not a plywood silhouette and its not a common animal. It's either a real squatch or a fake squatch
@MattMoneymaker1 ya I don't know man. Only pictures they got. Like I said. They were responding to a call. So if it was a fake. The person was at the right place at the right time.

What do the Cryptomundians think?

Moneymaker thinks it’s a squatch…

SIRUPAPERS responds:
While the second photo gives an excellent outline and general shape of the upper torso the top photo gives the figure the best sense of size and it is clearly a massive figure. Though clearly not conclusive, one is hard-pressed to explain away a figure of such proportions...

edsbigfoot responds:
Interesting, I know this area a bit, the folks out there aren’t “likely” to fake this kind of thing, but….who knows. Photos will never do. Only a body will do, either by accidental death on a road, a forest fire etc, or one sedated by a tranquilizer or something. If Sasquatch looks part human and part animal/primate whatever, it may always possibly look like a person in a suit, even if there are good trees etc. to measure size against…especially from a distance. Interesting pic though, especially considering the circumstances with the paramedics etc, and the fellows tweets seem OK, he seems sincere...