Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Piper Footage of a Yowie

When I asked Bigfoot Times newsletter creator and veteran Bigfoot researcher, Daniel Perez, about his investigation of this video at the time and any possible updates, he replied:
What impressed me about the Yowie footage shot in the Brindebella Mountains in Australia, August 28, 2000, was how natural the subject appeared to move; how massive it appeared compared to Tim The Yowie Man; that it favored a hip, knee or ankle/foot and that motion appeared to be completely natural. I also spent more than a day with the person who shot it, and I was highly impressed by his general character. He had no interest in the Yowie, thinking it was all BS, but his opinion changed after he got this videotape. Mind you, this was before the development of YouTube, so at the time "Bigfoot" videos were not just a dime a dozen. I think the video is on line now. Just recently an Australian had some questions on the matter, but by the end of the online discussion, I don't think I was telling him what he wanted to hear. He only wanted to hear, I believe, that the video was a fake, and I was not capable of telling him that. He never met Piper, never went to the filmsite, etc. I think I would value someone's opinion a bit more if they had done those things.
Yowie, the Australian Bigfoot