Saturday, June 28, 2014

Looking for Bigfoot --- Finding Racoon

From my recent interview with Bigfoot Times Newsletter Creator Daniel Perez


Any advice or suggestions for Bigfoot bait for folks like me that set up trail cameras?


Yes, if you set your camera up in the woods, set it up in a spot where you are confident people will not steal it. As for bait, I highly recommend APPLES, which will bring in deer (sometimes) and as we have often speculated, where there are deer, there are Bigfoot. Duct tape is going to work best, wrapped around a tree with the sticky side out. And then, take a Hershey bar (about a dollar) and stick it to the duct tape. If the weather is cold, there should be no reason it would melt. That might get a hair sample. I have never had any success, but I have never won the lotto as well, but I KNOW FOR A FACT that others have, so keep that in mind.
So I tried out the using chocolate as a bait twice recently. On the second go around, I put it right next to the camera in the hopes a Bigfoot's hunger would outweigh its better judgement and it would come right up to a non-camouflaged camera. Whether this would ever happen, I don't know. But chocolate has quickly proven to be great bait! UPDATE: I had this camera stolen. It might go without saying, but be very careful where you place them.